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Clay County
2020 Tax Certificate Sale
1. The Tax Certificate Sale of unpaid 2019 real property taxes will take place on May 29, 2020. The sale will be conducted on the County's tax certificate auction web site, Bidders can review the advertised list of unpaid real property taxes and submit bids on the web site starting on May 7, 2020.
If you do not have access to a computer, The Tax Collector will provide public access computers by appointment at designated locations.
2. In order to submit bids, you must complete the following steps on
  1. Complete online registration
  2. Complete an IRS Form W-9
  3. Complete Direct Deposit Form
  4. Submit a deposit (online via ACH)
  5. Establish a budget
  6. Receive bidder number assignment
A social security number or tax identification number must be provided for each buyer and must belong to the person listed on the W-9 form. The tax certificate list, redemption checks and 1099 interest earnings will be issued exactly as indicated on your W-9 form. Until the tax sale is complete, no changes will be made to the bidder number issued. A change of name or tax identification number will constitute an assignment and is subject to service charge for each certificate changed.
3. A deposit of 10% of your expected bids must be made prior to the close of any batch in which you intend to submit bids. All payments must be made via the Payments Page on No other form of payment will be accepted.
4. Bidding starts at 18% and interest is bid down in 1/4 percent increments. A "zero" interest bid will get the bidder the certificate with NO interest. When your bid is recognized as the low bid on the Results Page, you are obligated to pay for the certificate even if the bid was unintentional.
5. The properties will be auctioned in the order listed in the newspaper. The delinquent taxes from prior years will be auctioned last. The 2019 delinquent taxes will be posted followed by prior years. Bidders will be able to begin entering interest rates on the web site beginning the day that the first newspaper advertisement is published. Some items listed in the newspaper and on the web site will not be auctioned due to payments being received after the list was prepared for publication.
6. After the sale bidders are given a date that they must pay the balance due via ACH Debit on the Payments Page of the web site. A certificate of ownership and listing of certificates purchased is provided to each buyer. A bidder failing to make payment in the specified time will forfeit the deposit, and the certificates will be re-sold.
7. The Tax Collector reserves the right to cancel or correct certificates issued in error. Interest payments may be affected by bankruptcies, U.S. Marshal seizures, property taken over by a receiver, etc.
8. Caution: This is not a sale of real property. It is a lien for the amount of delinquent taxes plus interest. Contact with property owners initiated by certificate owners to encourage payment at any time is not recommended. Contact or behavior of a certificate holder deemed unfair or deceptive may result in criminal prosecution. A tax deed application is the proper and legal method to compel payment.
We in the Tax Collector's Office are happy to be of service to you. We are available to assist you as needed.

Jimmy Weeks
Clay County Tax Collector

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